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Posted: 11 May 2013 06:27 AM PDT
Original Post from ravi chandran subramaniam:
Its not new that atheists have been persecuted by relegious zealots for power (vote, money or otherwise)

recent spate of news in bangladesh where they are asking for strong law against anti blasphemy is just one new way of trying to control the voice of liberals.

It took me more than half hour to search for a link where there was a news article where hacking of a blogger who spoke against islam was reported but hundreds of pages where the need for law has been spoken.


Since I joined late to google plus I might have missed any discussion which might have happened in the month of feb 2013.

well coming back to the reason for this thread.

Atheists have been persecuted for as long as their views have been present.

now that we have found freedom should we not be really talking about next steps.

1) Should we create noise like when journalists are killed so much of pressure is put on govts to take action..I havent heard any such voice when atheists have been killed.. should we not start using our vote for our cause
(Cause of free and liberal speech).. law against banning people asking for anti blasphemy law can be a starter.. not allowing such people to migrate to western coutnries cna be a start.

2) stopping economic goods from countries where there are relegious laws .. once it hurts them more they understand and act accordingly

3) work for creation of a country for atheists and free thinkers..though we call india a land of freedom and free speech it has been killed big time. small sect of relegious ppl have overtaken with their power of votes..

4) have regular conventions at some place where we brainstorm for the movement to grow further..

Its with a great dificulty of freedom that some of the most basic things been implemented in france (against hijab against gay oppression)

should we not be pressing for atheist rights at UN (Not just speak of atheism but do some thing about it)

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