Christians vs the environment

Now, there are some Christians and other abrahamists who find some quotes in support of environmentalism. But...

Their god has many wishes, rules and such for them. Disregarding, sorting and prioritizing them is a common way of life, since it's basically impossible to be perfect (the rules often contradict each other - see "killing").

Even without the rules, ideologies that provide postmortem rewards just make people narrowly concerned and usually passive (with the exception of fanatical martyrs).

Essentially, you get people who just "ride the planet" and only mind their narrow interests, personal and family. And that's something which is very difficult to change, as I'm sure you know. You know how Bill Hicks said that nice bit of his... "it's just a ride", well - that idea has a terrible darkside.

The most common investment in long term in this case runs along wealth, which is wise by ancient standards, but simplistic by modern ones. We need to leave something better for younger and future generations - in general, not just for your own descendants.

The Escathology aspects are quite interesting, in the sense that they're the extreme application of the religious ideology. It's appealing to people who live under high stress and anxiety, real (like poor and sick people) or imaginary (imagining conspiracies and various paranoid delusions) - because of the desire to transcend an inescapable shitty situation and overcome an oppressing power. This is all linked to the just world fallacy or psychology.

I admit to feeling such things too, even after I stopped being Christian, that feeling of wanting to watch the world burn... still, I'm less pessimistic now, but I do work in media (i.e. literally watching the world).

Look at Jesus, for example. Now, I'm pretty left-leaning, but I detest Jesus for his teachings, which are not long-term. He was an end-times prophet (which was not uncommon in those parts). He told his followers to renounce all their material possessions (and their families), and share them with the poor (which doesn't sound terribly bad), and what's next is what people forget: in order to be ready for the incoming Kingdom of God which coincides with the Final Judgment. Jesus promised his followers that this would happen within their lifetimes (which be would in 1st century). The failure is even stranger, as people sacrifice so much that they suffer powerful cognitive dissonance and do not come to their senses properly.

Here's a fellow redditor explaining this (to me), since he's a specialist and I'm an amateur: [discussion about cognitive dissonance]

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