Christianity - just another religion based on non sequitur

What would evidence look like for Christianity? As an atheist, I'm open to evidence, so if Christians actually had some, I'd be obliged to accept the theory.

However, the evidence and the proof is really bad, and because it gets compared to other poor evidence, few people realize the fallacy.

The entire religion is based on non sequitur arguments. It doesn't follow.

- If ghosts existed, it wouldn't follow that there's a God

- If zombies existed, --//--

- If JESUS existed, --//--

- if Jesus did actually perform miracles, --//--; since for all we know he could have been a false prophet, a demon, a witch or some extraterestrial, among many other possibilities which are just as likely

- if the world was flooded entirely from outer-space water, it wouldn't prove that there was a Christian God (how many other gods deal with nature?)

- healings and small time "miracles" don't mean that there's a Christian God

- etc.

Similarly, apologists often make appeals to "suspicious complexity" or "intelligent design" or to the "who made the Universe" idea. NONE of those are evidence for their own gods; even if they do prove these theories to be valid (such as having evidence that life is indeed engineered by some sophisticated intellect or that the entire Universe seems to be similarly designed, produced), (which they haven't so far) it only proves some type of Deism; not their personal theism; which is where they start making really idiotic non sequitur arguments by trying to create a story-line or a linage from that deism to a certain type of Christianity or whatever other religion (Jews and Muslims do it too).

The possibilities are very many and very improbable. Believers simply pick the ones they like and link them with feelings and intuitions and traditional certitude.

If you want such a theist to stop trying so stupidly to bring evidence, try this:

If your God exists, he made me, he knows what I'm thinking, he knows very well what is the evidence I need to believe. And if there's no evidence to be found, he either doesn't exist, which is more likely, or he's a unjust asshole who blames his own faulty creations instead of taking responsibility.

That should make the discussion more interesting.

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