Religion is about why and science is about why - or not

This is an old argument for the position of "compatibilism" or "accommodationism", based on trying to say that there's no conflict between religion and science.

Science does actually look at "why", it just doesn't frame the question like a 5 year old. Why is basically a question used to open a new field of study, whatever it may be; the how part just deals with the inner workings of a system. Like:   why are apples and cherries similar? (they are)  how are they similar? why can we see colors? how can see color?

And religion is certainly concerned with how, especially when it comes to miracles in creation and miracles in the deeds of their favorite mythological character. The only relevant observation to make about religion and "how" is that the answer tends to always be mysterious, so not really an answer:  it's a miracle! it's magic! it's a sign! it's intelligent design! 

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