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Original Post from Nixie Pixel:
Does that mean that Linux was here first? =)

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Original Post from Godless:
There were some questions about my last post, so I'm here to answer them. Yes, the Creation Museum is a real place: http://creationmuseum.org/ It is a huge and very expensive facility funded entirely by donations. It is run by native Australian and Creationist dipshit Ken Ham of http://www.answersingenesis.org/ infamy, and its entire purpose is to undermine and destroy any scientific proof that our planet is older than 7,000 years. Of course, all ages are welcome.

The website has a virtual tour where you can see some of the exhibits, but my favorites are the ones about dinosaurs. According to the "museum," the T-Rex didn't eat meat (there was no death and thus no carnivores before Adam sinned), so their huge teeth were for cracking coconuts.

I swear I am not making this up.

The other are the dioramas showing people riding dinosaurs, and even an interactive one, shown below.

Yes, you heard it right - these people are so wacked-out nuts, they're literally on par with the accuracy of the Flintstones cartoon.

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