Christian woman chops up her baby as a sacrifice for God

This is rewrite of an article written in Romanian. You can check the story with Google Translate.

Last night, the news media was humming with a story about a woman who killed her baby and chopped it up to dispose of the body in plastic bags. My first thought was that this had to be religious behavior.

Here are some simple facts about the story:

- Location: Romania, city of Brasov
- 27 year old woman
- pentacostal
- had 7 children and was pregnant
- husband was out shopping with some of the kids
- she had no official history of mental illness, but her husband mentioned some recent anger fits
- the baby was 6 months old
- she killed the baby in front of the other kids
- she put the body parts in plastic bags
- her husband was the one who discovered it and called the police
- she spent most of her time with the children

This morning, after police interrogations, I found out that she declared that she sacrificed her baby and feels no guilt or remorse over it, because God asked her to do it!. She compared her self to Abraham by mentioning the story of when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. (Another story which makes it clear that Yahweh is a sadistic, psychopathic asshole.) There were no divine interventions in the sacrifice of this totally innocent baby.

Interesting update: the walls of her home had bible passages written on them.

My view is that this is related to religious background: Christianity and the other two abrahamic religions create a "soil" in which psychopaths and sociopaths thrive, so when shit like this happens, it's just part of the larger pattern of people going nuts thanks to religious beliefs.

For example:

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