Short history of Satan [audio]

A podcast made by the people from Irreligiosophy:

Jokes, fun, blasphemy, etymology, theology, mythology...

Joemma were both having weeks from Hell, so we thought giving Satan some attention might get him off our backs. In this episode, we return to the wormy core of the Earth to discuss Satan (our sweet, forsaken Satan). From Genesis to Revelation, Enoch to NIV, this adversary, slanderer and liar (well, sort of) makes his presence known. Whether it be serpent, multi-headed horned beast, Santa Claus or brother of Jesus, this dude is everywhere. The Satan and his fiery stones are not to be messed with. If you do, they can screw up your audio (blame him, not us).

Download: mp3

O scurta istorie si etimologiei a personajului mitic "satana" sau "diavolul" din mitologia crestina - evreiasca.

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