Finally, some peace and quiet ! Wooooo!

For over a year, over a dozen evangelical / fundamentalist or-something-close christians and missionaries gathered in the building space neighboring my workplace, to sing, clap, drum, drum some more, sing again, yell and get "spiritual". It was not really music. It was more like one hundred large children drank a barrel of coffee and started screaming and yelling while jumping on a drum kit. That's what I heard everyday, at work.

The hall they used has insulated windows which would block the sound a lot, if the windows were not always left open...

The usual day started at 10 am and ended at 10 pm. Every day. Louder on Saturday, even louder on Sunday.

I'm starting to regret not harassing them. It seems that the rent is what drove them out. I wanted to post some notes on their door, something like "Why don't you pray for talent?" or "Is this what Hell sounds like?" or "Enjoying primitive rhythms and chanting is not magic. Satanists do it, too!"

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