Dovezile se aduna: cimpanzeii sunt generosi in mod spontan

Am mai mentionat studii pe tema generozitatii, a.k.a. altruism, ca o caracteristica a speciei noastre si a altor primate (si probabil ca exista la alte mamifere, doar ca in masuri diferite).


Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center have shown chimpanzees have a significant bias for prosocial behavior. This, the study authors report, is in contrast to previous studies that positioned chimpanzees as reluctant altruists and led to the widely held belief that human altruism evolved in the last six million years only after humans split from apes. The current study findings are available in the online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


All seven chimpanzees showed an overwhelming preference for the prosocial choice. The study also showed the choosers behaved altruistically especially towards partners who either patiently waited or gently reminded them that they were there by drawing attention to themselves. The chimpanzees making the choices were less likely to reward partners who made a fuss, begged persistently or spat water at them, thus showing their altruism was spontaneous and not subject to intimidation.


These results, however, confirm chimpanzee altruism in a well-controlled experiment, suggesting human altruism is less of an anomaly than previously thought.

Sursa: http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-08-chimpanzees-spontaneously.html

Nu suntem speciali, ne nastem cu un instinct altruistic, la fel ca cimpanzeii.

Pentru cititorii neinitiati, acestea sunt dovezi pentru "moralitate innascuta", si e un argument foarte puternic impotriva argumentelui utilitarist "religia domesticeste oamenii, religia face oamenii buni". In dezbaterile despre secularism si societate, deseori veti auzi diversi intelectuali sau pseudointelectuali declarand ca oamenii au nevoie de religie ca sa fie buni, ca fara religie tot ce e rau se intampla. Daca un apologet ridica acest argument, e penibil, pentru ca acesta e un ultim argument. Daca un intelectual face acest argument, e un cinic ignorant.

Alt articol: http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2011/08/lab-chimps-extend-a-helping-hand.html?ref=hp

P.S. pentru fanii egoismului din ideologia lui Ayn Rand, .... sper aveti ceva impotriva stiintei

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