Buni - fara credinta. Etica pentru ganditori (dezbatere, discutie)

What are humanist ethics? How do they differ from the religion-based variety? In the absence of a God, are there no absolutes? If there are, what are they? Or are all questions of ethics situational? If so, is that a bad thing? Do humanists believe in evil? And how should humanists move forward? To answer these questions, Reasonable New York -- a consortium of rationalist groups that includes the Center for Inquiry-New York City -- presented a panel discussion on August 20, 2011, featuring: * Michael De Dora, Executive Director, CFI-New York City * Massimo Pigliucci, Chair, Philosophy Department at Lehman College * Anne Klaeysen, Leader, New York Society for Ethical Culture * Roy Speckardt, Executive Director, American Humanist Association * John Rafferty, President, Secular Humanist Society of NY (moderator) This is the full video, including the panel discussion and audience question-and-answer session.

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