The vengeful lamb, a christian archetype

From its start Christianity has represented an oppressed mass of people, symbolised by its prophet, Jesus Christ, who was basically a dissenter and a rebel, killed by the "status quo" of that place and period (allegedly).

Now looking at the New Testament, it becomes obvious that it was written from the point of view of outcasts, oppressed people, the suffering, the slaves. It speaks about how to treat the rich, the rulers, the elite - with kindness and forgiveness, but on the other hand it mentions that once you die and get away from this life, you end up in Paradise, from where you will be able to see all those who mistreated you burn in hell, for ever. Yes, that means satisfying the lust for retribution, vengeance, payback. In ensemble, the "framework" of the Bible is filled with hatred and blood-lust, disguised as "being kind and gentle". What has been the impact of this mindset over the course of history? What has this thinking of "see you in hell ...while I will let you destroy my life on Earth" done? I'm going to call this mindset the: "vengeful lamb".


Lamb, because such people are raised to be sacrificed (work or in war), to be consumed, but they are lamb-like in the sense that they're quiet and refuse to revolt against their masters. Vengeful because, deep inside, they would love to rebel, to react, to attack. But they won't, since they're scared lambs. The compromise of this attitude rests in believing in after-life retribution/revenge: "God will get you!". Of course, this also happens in smaller ways during life, but the ultimate revenge is believing that their imaginary father will bring ultimate punishment to the people they hate... just like kids thinking "just wait till my father comes!! he'll kick your ass!".

Up to its official birth in 313 with the Milan Edict, by the emperor Constantine, Christianity has gone through a lot of bloodbaths, getting killed and killing in the name of God, to establish the popularity of the christian religion. This was pretty easy to do, since there were a lot of slaves who were glad to hear the good news about a Paradise from where you can watch your enemies burn in hell for ever. Why DID Constantine make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire? Well, it's certainly not because he saw a miracle, since he was not a religious person... only on his deathbed did he accept a the christian baptism. The most probable reason is the political one... Christianity is a great political tool. Constantine saw that soldiers bearing the sign of the cross, christian soldiers, had less fear in combat so they won more often, they had less fear of death because they were expecting to go to paradise for killing the "pagans". Constantine found this a wonderful advantage so he made the Empire christian, making room for the institution of the Church and for ..the Dark Ages. His armies were more powerful, though they were not entirely christian, since many troops were raised from roman colonies. The Roman colonies soon became "infested" with Christianity, as it was normal since they were basically slave colonies.

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The Constatine case is a perfect example of the "vengeful lamb" mentality works, it's a wonderful tool for any empire. The vengeful lambs never put up a fight against the authority, against the status quo, IF that authority represents the christian God in some way. Emperors and Kings developed this technique by creating the institution of Christianity, the Church authority, which was supposedly the house of God on Earth; therefor when a high representative of the Church would anoint a king (bless), that king would be respected as a gift from God. Since Christians had to respect God on Earth, they had to respect the King and the Church. Therefor if you were not a Christian, you would be an outlaw, and possibly get stoned, hanged, burned to death, beheaded or just impaled. The majority of people in those periods didn't know how to read, so priests held the key to programing how people thought. The Church insisted that since it is the House of God, it is above the rules in the Bible, which are meant for normal people, idiots, so the whole thing about "thou shalt not kill" excluded the Church authorities. "thou shalt not steal" of course was a real danger to the rich fat elite, so it was severely punished, but when basically they stole (taxes) from the people, it would be O.K., because ..hey.. they were above the law.

Today, the "vengeful lamb" mentality has still remained in the West (unlike the original place where christians come from - the Middle East). Many christians still worship authority, the Church, the King if there is one, and they continue to bring the IQ of the planet down. What's worse is that they've been thought by the status quo how to vote for it, mostly noticeable in USA. Usually they were too dumb to get into voting, and the modern secular democratic state was a devastating blow to their vengeful religion... it became harder to execute people and it became harder for the religious-toned politicians to gain or hold power, in front of rational progressive people.

Speaking of the political movements in the USA, a great example of "vengeful lamb" is the case of many black people in America. Black people were used as slaves, especially in the South. It's enough to say that at one time in America's history, the official national language almost became GERMAN and that USA has deep deep German roots, so the white supremacist movement felt at home, even after slavery was "abolished". But let's look at the black slaves. They were CHRISTIANISED from the start. Well, thanks to the christian "virus", many of the black people became "vengeful lambs", even if they combined their ancient rituals & traditions from Africa with Christianity. Because they were "vengeful lambs", they were harmless to the authority, the white rulers. Religious organization was a good way for them to socialize and talk and sing, but at the end of the day they would go home and sit on their asses without standing up for their freedom and rights. Well that changed partially when blacks started getting away from mainstream christianity into secular humanism and even into Islam ( which does not have the vengeful lamb archetype... but it does have vengeful or reactionary types ("jihad") ). This is not saying that muslim fighters are not under the idea that they will go to Paradise if they die in fighting, they are, but they can't live under oppression, especially non-muslim oppression... it's harder to make slaves out of them, as it is obvious from the failed colonization of the Middle East (though, they do make slaves out of each other and out of people of other cultures --- see Africa...). In the USA this was pretty obvious: black people who had non-christian leanings were far more vocal and active in fighting the state oppression.

So just to remind you: "vengeful lamb" = a harmless slave like being which gathers a lot of hate in it and looks forward to revenge after it dies; this turns it harmless to any christianic authority, a slave, but it becomes a violent tool against non-christian forces (like self-slaughtering lambs).

Written in Feb. 2006

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