Agenda Libertatii si primavara arabica. Politica si religie in timp de revolutie

O discutie cu niste experti in domeniu, explorand caracterul revolutiilor si potentialul democratic vs. teocratic/despotic al miscarilor.

It's been dubbed the "Arab Spring", a remarkable period of our recent history where citizens across the Middle East took to the streets demanding the overthrow of despotic regimes, and democratic reform. However, months later the future is still uncertain and the pathways to democracy are proving to be complex.

The US Studies Centre brought together government decision-makers past and present, thought leaders and academic experts from the US, Australia and around the world to take stock of the first epoch of the new millennium, what they've dubbed "The 9/11 Decade".

Three experts debate the past, present and future of the freedom agenda, from the ongoing war in Afghanistan to the more recent events of The Arab Spring. They include former speechwriter for both of George W Bush's Secretaries of State, Adam Garfinkle, former State Department policy director Stephen Krasner, and ANU politics professor Amin Saikal.

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