Ratzinger: "Euharistia (impartasania) este antidotul culturii seculare"

Intr-un discurs nou, Ratzinger promoveaza canibalismul ritualic ca antidot al culturii secularizate.

the Eucharist is like a beating heart giving life to the mystical Body of the Church, which is a social organisation entirely founded on its spiritual yet tangible bond with Christ.

E clar, da? Ei chiar cred in transformarea reala a biscuitilor sau painii in carne si a vinului in sange. Nu e clar daca se intampla inca din gura sau doar dupa ce ajunge in stomac. Poate are loc doar in intestinul gros...

Without the Eucharist the Church would simply cease to exist.

Am notat. :)

The Holy Spirit, which transforms the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ,

Oare ei realizeaza ca dupa euharistie / impartasanie, cand se duc la WC, se caca "bucati" de zeu? Holy shit!

also transforms those who receive it with faith into limbs of Christ's Body, thus the Church truly is a Sacrament of men's unity, with God and with one another.

"Limbs", adica membre. Implicit, Cristos ar trebui sa semene cu Ctuhulhu sau FSM sau ...cu un parameci.

"In an increasingly individualistic culture", Benedict XVI added, "such as that in which we live in western societies and which is tending to spread throughout the world, the Eucharist constitutes a kind of 'antidote', working on the hearts and minds of believers and continually infusing them with the logic of communion, service and sharing, the logic of the Gospel.

Din descrierea aceasta, pare sa fie vorba de ceva substanta psihotropica care lucreaza "in minte si in inima". Logic, nu?

The first Christians in Jerusalem were an evident sign of this new lifestyle because they lived in fraternity and shared all their worldly goods, so that no one should be left in want.

O mare fratie de fanatici care momea aderenti cu un "fond mutual de investitii".

... In later generations too, the Church, despite human limitations and errors, has continued to be a force for communion in the world.

Da, chiar un imperiu.

We think particularly of the times of greatest difficulty, times of trial: for example, what could the chance of coming together at Sunday Mass have meant in countries ruled by totalitarian regimes?

Ah, totalitarismul acesta...

Yet the vacuum produced by false freedoms can be equally dangerous;

De acord. De aceea si e o problema crestinismul, care incearca sa dea credinciosilor o ideologie de libertate prin nemurire, transformand viata reala intr-un obiect de unica folosinta - ieftin, prost, de aruncat, de ignorat.

thus communion with the Body of Christ is like a medicine for the mind and the will, helping us rediscover our taste for truth and for the common good".

A, deci chiar e ceva substanta psihotropica. Opium?

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