"De ce religia este periculoasa" motiv #1246889: gandirea apocaliptica

"Family Radio" si Apocalipsa/Ziua Judecatii din 21 mai.

Da, avem si in Romania:

(credit: proddit.com)

Acesti sociopati incurajeaza abandonul societatii, a familiei, a vietii. "Da-ti demisia, uita de facturi, credite, datorii, vinde ce ai, fa ceva ai dorit cu banii pe care ii mai ai (in special donatii catre cultul tau drag), da foc la acte, lasa familia daca nu vrea sa vina cu tine si asteapta ZIUA CEA MARE.

Asta este o lectie de la mesia crestinilor: Iisus. Nu e doar ceva creatie moderna a unor fanatici. Gandirea apocaliptica este adanc inradacinata in relgiile abrahamice, inclusiv in crestinism.

Va recomand sa cititi detaliile direct de la tara natala a acestei meme:

Brian Haubert grabs some pamphlets and marches toward the flea market in Palmyra, N.J. Armed with a poster that trumpets Judgment Day on May 21, 2011, he braces for rejection. Announcing God's wrath is not always a popular message.

"I've been called a heretic," says Haubert, a 33-year-old actuary. "I've been told I read the wrong Bible. And then there's the occasional person who seems to be genuinely interested," he says.

His friend and fellow believer, Kevin Brown, uses a gentler approach, not confronting people or engaging in conversation, just politely handing out Judgment Day pamphlets.

Brown, who owns his own nutrition and wellness business, is soft-spoken and polished, not someone you'd imagine giving away doomsday tracts. But he says the clock is ticking.

"People need to know," Brown says, "and God commands us to share the Gospel about the end of the world. He says if we do not share the Gospel then their blood will be on our hands, whether they believe or not. God's been moving me to do this."


sau ascultati programul radio/podcast NPR: aici

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