Slavoj Zizek: Catastrophic But Not Serious

O lectura de Slavoj Zizek cu titlul:

Catastrofal, dar nu serios

Vorbeste de filosofia, psihologia, politica si problemele cu ideologia capitalista "verde", de intelectualism, dar si de schimbarile sociale si psihologice necesare pentru a face fata la viitoarele catastrofe ecologice. (Chiar nu se poate rezuma o lectura deja densa si haotica.)

Zizek critica si religia ecologista, in care exista un paradis pierdut in care omul era buricul naturii, dar a stricat relatia. In realitate, nu exista echilibru, chiar daca oamenii trebuie sa invete sa se adapteze si sa creeze ceva in directia ecologica. Utopianismul este o problema, nu o solutie.


The Connection Between Philosophy and Politics

Totality and the Inherence of Contradiction

Denial in the Face of Catastrophe

Geo-Engineering and the Consequences of Global Warming

Learning from Recent Ecological Disasters

'Starbucks Logic' and the Ineffectiveness of Ethical Capitalism

The Difficulties of Implementing 'Natural Capitalism'

The Search for Meaning Amid Catastrophe

The Need to Rethink Humanity's Relationship with Nature

The Continued Importance of the Public Use of Reason

The Loss of Control from Cloud Computing

The Appropriation and Distortion of Wikileaks

The Privatization of the General Intellect

Signs of Progress in the Egyptian Uprising

Critiquing Reactions to the Libyan Revolution

Taking a New View of the Iranian Protests

The Social Component of Fundamentalist Groups

Comparing Current and Past Democratic Uprisings

The Proletariat and the Struggle over the 'Commons'

The Failings of Capitalism

Critiquing Traditional Communism

The Limitations of Capitalism

The Need for a New Radical Left

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