O lectura buna de la Hitchens, despre religie, politica, valori

Daca v-ati plictisit de dezbaterile spectaculoase, e timpul pentru o lectura de la domnul Hitch.

Christopher Hitchens, despre cartea sa, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

01. Moderator Introduction

02. Hitchens Opening American Citizenship

03. Beginnings of Religion

04. N. Korea

05. Manmade Falsification

06. Child Mutilation

07. Crimes Committed in the Name of Faith

08. Resistance


09. Q

10. Q1 - Waiting for Armageddon

11. Q2 - Any Good in Religion?

12. Q3 - Origin of Love

13. Q4 - Materialism

14. Q5 - Existence of Jesus

15. Q6 - Spiritual Experience

16. Q7 - Personal Belief System?

17. Q8 - In Defense of Atheism

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