Dorothy Rowe: De ce mintim? (lectura)

Dorothy Rowe: Why We Lie

Despre minciuni si felul in care afecteaza dezvoltarea psihologica a oamenilor. Da, e vorba si de minciuni religioase.


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Do you tell the occasional white lie? Well psychologist Dorothy Rowe believes you could be doing more harm than good.

At the 2011 Perth Writers Festival, Dorothy Rowe sits down with fellow psychologist Leah Giarratano to talk about why we lie. This conversation ranges from the everyday lies, to the lies global leaders tell that have devastating global impacts. Parents, religious institutions, Tony Blair, Muammar Gaddafi all go under Dorothy's microscope in this fascinating talk.

Dr Dorothy Rowe, born in 1930, is an Australian born clinical psychologist who lives in England. From 1972 until 1986 she was head of the North Lincolnshire Department of Clinical Psychology. She has written several books on psychology and mental health including "Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison", and her most recent book "Why We Lie: The Source of Our Disasters" was published in 2010.

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