Determinism vs liber arbitru
sau de ce nu poate functiona sistemul "spiritual" al religiilor abrahamice

O discutie, in engleza.

Esenta problemei pentru credinciosi: daca determinismul se poate demonstra, in special la nivelul creierului, atunci nu exista "pacate", justitie divina, pedeapsa divina, recompensa divina si o gramada de alte "institutii biblice" din acest vechi joc basme.

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Partea 1 (de la jumatate):

Does every person possess a immaterial soul capable of making free choices or are we all just electrified meat--slaves to brute causality? For this episode, the doubtcasters draw upon arguments from philosophy and psychology to make the case for determinism. But if a naturalistic outlook rules out freedom of the will is morality still possible?

Partea 2:

Having argued for determinism, the doubtcasters now turn to its implications. Is moral responsibility possible in a deterministic universe? Could justice and self-knowledge still be achieved if free will is just an illusion? Tom Clark, Director of the Center For Naturalism joins us on the show to explain how adopting a consistently naturalistic worldview would transform our view of society and ourselves.

Partea 3:

Never before in the history of the show, have we received such a strong and mixed response from our listeners as we did with our two part series on the subject of free will and determinism. So for this episode the doubtcasters, as promised, respond to our listeners emails. Also, we take a look at "Ten Books that Screwed Up the World" and explain why President Obama is once again on Reasonable Doubts shitlist.

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