Dr. James Dee: al doilea val de umanism secular si educatia (de specialitate) submineaza religia

E vorba de felul in care noul val de ateism are nevoie de o educatie profunda in stiinta si cultura religiilor pentru a avea un impact mai puternic in lupta cu influenta religiilor.

Dr. James Dee: The Second Wave of Secular Humanism: How Scholarship Undermines Religion

A provocative exploration of ways in which the initial thrust of the "New Atheists" can be expanded and multiplied, using the research of fully competent scholars in a range of disciplines.

His talk will focus on the ways in which secular humanism can and should enlist "allies" in the perpetual conflict with irrational religious beliefs - allies whose academic and scholarly credentials are beyond dispute and whose opinions, not always widely publicized, offer powerful support for "our side."

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