Ziua fara religie - 20 feb.

Every day more troubles are reported in the world that are directly caused by religion. Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic, a true believer, a moderate, or just don’t care either way, there’s no denying that issue after issue on the front pages of newspapers are religion related. What would it be like if religion wasn’t around? That’s what February 20, 2011 will be all about.

On February 20th make a pledge to avoid any and all religious exercises you or your family may partake in usually. Don’t go to church, don’t say “Grace” at meals, don’t pray, don’t eat Kosher, don’t read religious literature, don’t debate religious issues…make February 20th a “religion-free” day. Let’s show the world that religion is not necessary for people to live full and meaningful lives, even if only for one day!


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