Atila Nyerges la un podcast de sceptici din UK, despre vaccinuri

Eram curios sa vad cum vad englezii Romania, asa ca am ascultat tot. Check it out:

Podcastul in format mp3: download/stream

La inceput sa discuta niste stiri, iar pe la jumatate intra domnul Nyerges, de la ASUR, in engleza cu accent transilvanean.

Atila Nyerges is president of the Romanian Secular-Humanist Association and a leading skeptic in his home country. He joins Marsh to discuss the low uptake of the HPV vaccine across Romania and the superstition that underpins this.

Linkul la mp3 va aparea si in rss feed, pentru cine foloseste asa ceva.

Sursa: http://parafort.com/ri/?p=1342

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