Reportaj AlJazeera despre valul de homofobie violenta din Uganda

Scandalul din Uganda continua. Am postat ieri un Interviu cu editorul ziarului din Uganda care a cerut spanzurarea homosexualilor; acum sa vedem un nou episod, de data aceasta cu un reportaj scurt care cerceteaza perspectiva victimelor homofobiei:


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The Atheist Minority in Uganda

Exista atei si in Uganda! (era evident, stiu)

Miracle-healer televangelists are all too readily embraced as saviors, Onen [a former Christian] complains, and prayer is often invoked as a substitute for taking action to fix everything from the capital’s glaring potholes to HIV infection. First Lady Janet Museveni attributes the country’s tribal tensions to a curse from God, whereas many critics suggest they may have more to do with government-employment preferences.

God has also been invoked in support of the draconian anti-gay bill that could impose life imprisonment for homosexual acts and make it illegal to house a gay person.

Susan Muyama, editor of Pentecostal magazine the Rock, counters Onen’s grim view by arguing that Christianity plays an empowering role in Uganda. “Uganda has seen war, community trauma and civil strife. Religion offers the peace and reassurance that everything is O.K. — that an all-loving God is going to have your back.”

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