Videoclipuri de la conferintele de atei din Copenhaga

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AAI 2010: James Randi - The Sleep of Reason

AAI 2010: P.Z. Myers - Speaking truth to absurdity

AAI 2010: Rebecca Watson - Don't Be A Dick

AAI 2010: Lone Frank - The life of a cognitive parasite

AAI 2010: Paula Kirby - Unholy politics

AAI 2010: Dan Barker - Government and Religion

AAI 2010: A.C. Grayling - The Ethical Aspect of Atheism

AAI 2010: Roy W. Brown - Religious Influence in Europe

AAI 2010: Gregory Paul - Is religion really universal & good

Interview med Ole B. Magnussen

AAI 2010: Brian Arly Jakobsen - Cuius regio eius religio

AAI 2010: Matthew T. Taylor - Tent Revival For Agnostics

Interview med Frank Grevil

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