Video: mesajul lui Bertrand Russell pentru generatiile din viitor. 1959

Bertrand Russell, da - acel - Bertrand Russell, filosof si matematician.

Parte dintr-un interviu realizat de BBC in 1959.

Aici este un reportaj biografic cu interviuri mai lungi:

Citate diverse:

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. (What I believe, 1925)

Religion encourages stupidity and an insufficient sense of reality.

Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.

Many people would sooner die than think. In fact they do.

Fanaticism is the greatest danger there is – I might almost say that I was fanatically against fanaticism.

A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage; it does not need a regretful hankering after the past or a fettering of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant men.

Clergymen almost necessarily fail in two ways as teachers of morals. They condemn acts which do no harm and they condone acts which do great harm.

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence that it is not utterly absurd; indeed, in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more often likely to be foolish than sensible.

Drunkenness is temporary suicide: the happiness that it brings is merely negative, a momentary cessation of unhappiness.

And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence.

So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.

It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.

Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.

What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out,
which is the exact opposite.

I believe that when I die I shall rot, and nothing of my ego will survive. I am not young, and I love life. But I should scorn to shiver with terror at the thought of annihilation. Happiness is nonetheless true happiness because it must come to an end, nor do thought and love lose their value because they are not everlasting.

Evident, era ateu, in caz ca cineva se intreba:

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