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Religion Link este un site informativ dedicat jurnalistilor sau persoanelor care investigheaza un anumit subiect din domeniul religios. Este scris de jurnalisti si are rolul de a oferi o perspectiva curata...

Nowadays, though, nontheism is going mainstream. Demographers point to an ever-growing circle of nonreligious people in America, and many of them are no longer content to sit quietly on the political and social sidelines.

Moreover, the freethought movement is about much more than atheists and a few best-selling authors and polemicists who draw most of the attention. Instead, this community is very diverse, with nuances and a nomenclature that are not always understood by the public or the media, and with a growing number of organizations representing different varieties of nonbelief.

ReligionLink offers this source guide to help reporters tap the vast wellspring of the freethought movement.

Why it matters

As America grapples with competing notions about its identity — Christian nation, pluralistic melting pot, secular society — an understanding of the country’s nontheists is vital. The concerns and influence of this segment of society seem destined to touch all Americans’ lives.

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