Raspuns pentru un fost crestin (mai mult deist)

Un tip care se declara fost-crestin a pus o intrebare mai lunga pe Reddit:

Hey everybody, I was born a Christian, and am still a believer till today. However, I have always been skeptic of many things, and it has always bothered me how many things religion just don't fit in to logic. Still, I can't simply imaging a world without a God. I mean, how far can science really go? Will anyone, ever, be able to prove that there is no God? How would anything have started? Let me explain: If we ask how humanity started... Science would say evolution. That leads us to ask how the first living creature started... Science will say that prehistoric earth had the right conditions and spontaneously created dynamic molecules (I'm not exactly sure of this whole theory). That leads us to ask how the earth started... and Science would say the Big Bang. That would lead us to ask how the Big Bank started... Etc. Etc. Etc.

I just don't see a rational end to this. The way I see it, there must be an outside force...somewhere down the road. This is probably the biggest issue with atheism? What do you guys think? I'd really like to hear some thoughtful answers.

Raspunsul meu:

The Universe is already without god(s). It's just the self-delusions that are irritating. So rephrase the question: "How can I live without feeling that there's some higher force that protects me from chaos?"

The answer is you just have to go along with it. That's life and it's the only chance you get as far as anyone can prove. And you have to diminish that ego... just count the number of times you've typed the word "I"; the arrogance produced by the ego just keeps you frozen in fear of really looking at what's outside.

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