Interviul meu (mic) cu Michael Shermer

E un mic interviu online realizat prin intrebari si raspunsuri la zona de comentarii de pe HotNews. Un interviu de care m-am bucurat... Michael Shermer a fost invitat la HotNews.ro pentru o runda de intrebari si raspunsuri cu cititorii. Pe atunci, ma dadeam si pe acel gunoi ideologic de site (user "zdragomir"), asa ca mi-am cautat intrebarile:


1. Watching the religious phenomenon, you could say that it's like a virus (STD), because it's easily transmited from parents to defenseless children. Do you think this cycle can every be broken, by liberal / non-violent means?

M. Shermer:

Education is the answer, especially science education. The government should not be in the religion business and religions should not receive any public monies or assistance of any kind. Children are too young to understand big philosophical and theological issues, such as the existence of god, free will v. determinism, etc., and in any case they just want to be kids and have fun growing up. So the state should not impose religion on people, and parents should not bother children with such issues until they are in their late teens.


Raspunsul consta in educatie, indeosebi educatie stiintifica. Guvernul nu trebuie sa se amestece in sectorul religiei, iar religiile nu ar trebui sa primeasca bani publici sau sprijin public de orice fel. Copiii sunt prea tineri sa inteleaga marile probleme filosofice sau teologice, precum existenta lui dumnezeu, liberul arbitru v. determinism etc. si in orice caz vor doar sa fie copii si sa creasca distrandu-se. Asa ca statul nu ar trebui sa impuna religia asupra oamenilor, iar parintii nu trebuie sa-si tulbure copiii cu asemenea probleme pana cand acestia ajung la adolescenta tarzie.

2. In Romania, evolutionary theory is becoming less and less visible in the educational system, and as far as I can remember, the evolutionary biology classes never made (or help make) the point that this science would void the creationist religious myth. Most of my former class-mates didn't notice the inherent incompatibility.

Could this degradation in public education lead to a new wave of private or public religious schools (especially in Romania), like there were in the Dark Ages?


The Romanian government, and especially the public school system, should not be in the religion business, should not teach any religion in any schools to any students, especially in science classes. Think about it this way: if Islam were the dominant religion in Romania, which some day it could be (as it is rapidly becoming in many European countries such as France and the U.K.), do you Christian parents still want the government to fund religious instruction in public schools if that religious instruction was Muslim based?


Guvernul roman si in special sistemul invatamantului public nu ar trebui sa se implice in sectorul religiei, nicio religie nu ar trebui predata in scoli, mai ales la orele de stiinta. Ganditi-va astfel: daca Islamul ar fi religia dominanta in Romania, ceea ce s-ar putea intampla la un moment dat (avand in vedere ca devine rapid in multe tari europene, precum Franta sau Marea Britanie), ati dori voi, parinti crestini, ca guvernul sa finanteze educatie religioasa in scolile publice, daca acea educatie religioasa este una musulmana?

3. What do you think is the next step in evolution for humans?


Assuming we don't nuke ourselves into oblivion, or cause our own extinction through germ warfare, the next step in human evolution will be genetic engineering and technology. We will modify ourselves genetically, first to eliminate diseases such as diabetes and cancer and dementia, etc., then we will modify our brains with chemicals and computers, and eventually, in the far future, we will probably become robots that can live an indefinite period of time, slowly and gradually replacing our biological systems with more durable and long-lasting technologies. Our lives will initially be extended by years, then dozens of years, then hundreds of years. Eventually, we may be able to live forever, but now we're in the realm of science fiction, not science, but it's a dream well worth having.


Presupunand ca nu ne vom distruge cu bombe si nu vom disparea in razboaie biologice, urmatorul pas in evolutia omului va fi tehnologia si ingineria genetica. Ne vom modifica genetic, mai intai pentru a elimina boli precum diabetul si cancerul si dementa etc, apoi ne vom modifica mintile cu produse chimice si computere si, in cele din urma, in viitorul indepartat, vom deveni probabil roboti care pot sa traiasca o perioada nedeterminata de timp, inlocuindu-ne incet si treptat sistemele biologice cu tehnologii mai durabile. Vietile noastre vor fi extinse, initial, cu cativa ani, apoi cu zeci de ani, apoi sute de ani. In cele din urma, am putea fi in stare sa traim vesnic, dar acum suntem pe taramul stiintifico-fantastic, nu al stiintei, dar este un vis pe care merita sa-l avem.



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