God gives head in Heaven - Aeon

Mi-era dor de niste continut jignitor (cel putin pentru vizitatori credinciosi).

Acoustic version:

You pray to god every night when you are in bed
You want your god to come and take your pain away
Your Christian god will always say that he is your friend
But I know for fact that all he wants is to give your head
Join your fagot god
Chsistian fagot race
With open mouth he kneels
Ready to give head
God gives head in heaven
God gives head in heaven
He will swallow it all
Your filthy Christian seed
It ain't no big surprise
This is how your god is like
God gives head in heaven

God gives head in heaven
Forced to fuck your god
He wants it up his ass
Heaven is for fagots
Christian paradise
Now your god wants blood
He takes you from behind
Christian assholes bleed
Holy paradise


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