Un rabin la FOX:
ateii sunt parazitii unei societati morale

Rabinul Lapin condamna ateii ca paraziti ai soceitatii.

(recititi de cateva ori propozitia si stati cu mouse-ul peste text)

Nici mai traduc, la cuvintele crude; daca cineva are nevoie sa lase comentariu.

"I am absolutely convinced that God is far from finished with the story of the United States of America," he said by way of summation. "First of all, [there's] the matter of the little battle that must be fought, just as it was in the 19th century." There were, and are, "two incompatible moral visions for this country. We had to settle it then. We're going to have to settle it now. I hope not with blood, not with guns, but we're going to have to settle it nonetheless. The good news is that I think our side is finally ready to settle it. Roll up its sleeves, take off its jacket, and get a little bloody. Spill a little blood. We'll settle it. And we'll win. And then there's no holding us back."

Pe de alta parte, rabinul mentioneaza o "epidemie de necredinta" in America, adica imunitatea la minciunile religiilor incepe sa se raspandeasca in populatie. Vesti bune!

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