Romanian parliamentarians won't tax fortune tellers. They're afraid of being cursed!

This is a translation from an article published in the daily paper "Gandul" on the 7th of Sept, by Bogdan Cristea

Members of the Romanian Parliament have put forth legislature to include fortune-telling and magic in the domain of liberal arts, so all the practitioners would have to pay taxes accordingly on their income.

However, a large number of parliamentarians, from the Liberal Democrat Party (center-right) were skeptical about the project. The Senatorial Judicial Committee rejected the proposal during the 6th of September session.

One of the authors, lib.dem. member Alin Popoviciu, declared - without much anxiety - that "fear of curses and lack of faith in God made the senators establish a negative verdict."

Senators refused to sign the legislature because they were afraid of black magic.

The authors of the project explained that its main purpose was to protect the people who paid for magic and fortune-telling services from being ripped off by frauds. The legislature has been labeled by some social-democrats as "slightly negligent".

Fortune-telling, as a profession, would have been integrated in the official nomenclature of liberal professions, and the people who practiced it would have had to get permits. However, witches could not place their "office" or their advertisements near churches or schools.

One of the authors, Alin Popoviciu, said that the number of signatures would have been much bigger if parliamentarians were not afraid of negative influences coming from the witches:

"Many parliamentarians had fear related to this law. I know they would've agreed, but they thought that maybe the witches would curse them. Some of them actually called me to ask if anything bad happened to me, if my head hurts".

In his opinion, only the lack of faith in God could make the senators fearful of curses: "I told them that, if they believe in God, they don't have to believe in silly stuff, but it seems that there are very few in the Senate who have faith in God."

End of article. Original version: in Romanian (translated via Google)

My take on it:

I'm very ashamed of the leaders of our country. Not only are they highly superstitious (actually a good representation of the general population), but they're too stupid to understand that there is no difference between black magic, curses, fortune telling, ...and a magical God with a magical paradise and magical Hell, with a magical staff and magical enemies.

These are the same people who finance, from local or state budgets, the construction of hundreds of new churches every year, all the while taking part in local Orthodox Christian holidays where they receive magical holy water or where the locals touch dead human parts believing in magical cures or other "miracles".

This is very depressing and I hope to emigrate, soon, from this backwards place...

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