Ritualuri Sexuale: Originile crestinismului. Sex, droguri si sacrificii in ritualurile crestine

The Origins of Christianity
The Ritual Use of Sex, Drugs, and Human Sacrifice

- autor: Diana Agorio

Table of Contents

Figure 1: The Babylonian Star Chart
Figure 2: The Cosmic Wheel
Chapter 1: “True” Christians.
Part I: Gifts from Mary.
Chapter 2: Divine Sex.
Chapter 3: The Ball Crushing Mama.
Chapter 4: The Working Mother
Chapter 5: Looking for Asherah in all the Wrong Places
Chapter 6: Roman Sexual Omnivores
Part II: The Holy Ghost and God the Father
Chapter 7: Min’s Viagra, Sex along the Nile
Chapter 8: The Traveling Thunder God Followers
Chapter 9: Beware of Greeks bearing History
Chapter 10: Sex with Jesus
Part III: The Son
Chapter 11: Here comes the Judge
Chapter 12: Honey, I Burnt the Kids
Chapter 13: The Starlight Gospel

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